The Paneuropa Logistics team

Our company Paneuropa Logistics was set up in 2003 by a team having a vast experience in the field of logistics and transports. Ever since we have been an active presence on the transports’ market in Romania, Europa and Central Asia, building for ourselves a favourable and well-deserved reputation in the field, due to our earnestness and ambition which we have proven along the years, as well as due to the quality of the services offered to all the clients, who desired optimal solutions for their business in the transports and logistics fields for the purpose of its development and trustingly requested the services offered by the Paneuropa Logistics team.

Transports’ market

The transports’ market in the entire world is characterised by a continuous dynamism, by permanent changes, and therefore the continuous and rapid adaptation to the market’s needs and requirements has become a mandatory measure for all the companies employed in this field, to such an extent as the most important actors for us, namely the clients, to benefit from qualitative services, at the highest occidental standards, and at favourable prices and costs.

We believe that this is one of the strong points of our company Paneuropa Logistics, namely an easy and quick adaptation to the changing needs of the transports’ market, without this involving a price increase for the provided services.

Logistics at high standards

We are a company devoted to the field of transports and logistics, offering services on the Romanian market, in the entire Europe and in Central Asia. We provide these transports through own cars, as well as through our subcontractors, localized in all the UR countries. We have the possibility of offering these transport services at any given moment, in all the above-mentioned areas. By subcontractors we understand large, medium and small companies, specialized in land transportations, having collaboration agreements closed with this companies. Due to these collaborators, we have available a car park with a capacity of approximatively 250 trucks weighting 20 tons and 7.5 tons (tarps, vans, refrigerator vans) and utility vans of 3.5 tons. All the loadings can be performed both in an exclusive regime, as well as in a group regime.

Paneuropa Logistics - Logistica

Related logistics services

Paneuropa Logistics offers you complete logistics services for the optimal management of the requests:

  Solving customs’ formalities in cases of transportations with extra-community elements

  Depositing spaces, both for the general goods, as well as for the refrigerated goods

  services of goods’ transhipment and handling